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Aptitude Test Questions and Answers – Part 2


1. A profit of Rs. 30000 is to be distributed among A, B, C in the proportion 3:5:7.What will be the difference between B’s and C’s shares?

a) Rs. 2000 b) Rs. 4000 c) Rs. 10000 d) Rs. 14000

2. 10 men can complete a work in 5 days. Two days after they started working, 5 more persons join them. How many more days will they take to complete the work:

a)4 b)2 c)3 d) Nothing can be said e) None of these

3. In an examination 40% failed in Hindi, 45% failed in English. If 25% students failed in both the subjects. Then the percentage of failed students is:

a)15% b)65% c)60% d)70%

4. In a factory, the ratio of male workers to female workers was 5:3. If the number of female workers was less by 40, what was the total number of workers in the factory?

a)100 b)160 c)200 d)500

5. A and B separately can do a piece of work in 20 and 30 days respectively. They worked together for some time and B then stops. If A completes rest of the work in 10 days, then B has worked for:

a)6 days b)12 days c)16 days d)18 days

6. If 40% of people read newspaper X, 50% people read newspaper Y and 10% read both newspapers. Find the percentage of the people who do not read any newspaper.

a)10% b)15% c)20% d)25%

7. A sum of Rs. 427 is to be divided among A,B and C such that 3 times A’s share,4 times B’s and 7 times C’s share are all equal. The share of C is:

a)Rs. 84 b)Rs. 147 c)Rs. 196 d)Rs. 240

8. How many men can do a piece of work in 10 hours which 10 men complete in 20 hours?

a)14 men b)16 men c)18 men d)20 men e)None of these

9. There were two candidates in an election. Winner candidate received 62% of votes and won the election by 288 votes. Find the number of votes casted to the winning candidate.

a)456 b)744 c)912 d)1200

10. Rs. 180 contained in a box consists of one rupee, 50- paise and 25-paise coins in the proportion of 2:3:4. What is the number of 50-paise coins?

a)120 b)150 c)180 d)240

11.A can complete a piece of work in 35 days while B can complete it in 45 days. They start the work together, but A drops out after 7 days. How many days will B take to finish the remaining work?

a)29 days b)36 days c)45 days d)None of these

12. A man spends one quarter of his income on food, 1/15th of it on house rent and the remaining which is Rs. 231 for other purposes. What is his total income in rupees?

a)Rs. 420 b)Rs. 340 c)Rs. 650 d)Rs. 510

13. Anshul got twice as many marks in English as in Science. His total marks in English, Science and Maths are 180.If the proportion of his marks in English and Maths is 2:3, what are his marks in Science?

a)15 b)30 c)60 d)90

14. A works three times better than B and B completes a piece of work in 60 days. Find the time in which a piece of work be completed when they work together.

a)45 days b)30 days c)22 ½ days d)17 ½ days

15. A man spends 10% of his income in house rent,20% of the rest on his children’s education, 25% of the rest on miscellaneous causes. If he now posses Rs. 1944 then his income are:

a)Rs.3600 b)Rs.4000 c)Rs.4500 d)Rs.3000

16. Two equal glasses are respectively 1/3 and 1/4 full of milk. They are then filled with water and the contents mixed in a tumbler. The ratio of milk and water in the tumbler is:

a)7:5 b)7:17 c)9:21 d)11:23

17. 42 men can complete a work in 15 days. How much time 30 men will take to complete the same work:

a)24 days b)28 days c)21 days d)20 days e)None of these

18. The marked price is 10% higher than the cost price. A discount of 10% is given on marked price. In this kind of sale, the seller:

a)Bears no loss, no gain b)Gains 0.1% c)Loses 10% d)Loses 1%

19. Eight men and 12 children can complete a piece of work in 9 days. One child takes thrice the time as companed the man to complete that piece of work. Find the number of days in which twelve men can complete double of the work:

a)20 days b)21 days c)24 days d)25 days e)None of these

20. 12 men can complete a piece of work in 18 days. If four persons join six days after the work as started, find the number of days in which the remaining work can be completed.

a)12 days b)9 days c)18 days d)15 days e)None of these

21. The capacity of two pots containing milk is 120 lit and 56 lit. The capacity of the biggest pot that can measure the milk of two pots completely is:

(a) 8 lit (b) 9.5 lit (c) 7.5 lit (d) 7.85 lit (e) None of these.

22. The least square number which divides 8, 12 and 18 is:

(a) 100 (b) 121 (c) 64 (d) 144 (e) None of these.

23. 55% of 650 + 85% of 12 = ?

(a) 370 (b) 366.70 (c) 357.5 (d) 3.67 (e) None of these

24. (0.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 + 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.3 + 3 x 0.7 x 0.3) is equal to :

(a) 21.376 (b) 2.1376 (c) 213.76 (d) 1 (e) None of these.

25. If all the edges of a cube are doubled then percentage increase in the volume of the cube is :

(a) 600% (b) 700% (c) 800% (d) None of these.

26. The ratio between the present ages of Sudhir and Prakash is 4:5 seven years ago, The ratio of their ages was 3:4. What is the present age of Prakash?

(a) 35 yrs. (b) 26 yrs. (c) 21 yrs. (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these.

27. 12 men can dig a well in 20 days. How many men should be engaged to dig the well in 15 days?

(a) 15 men (b) 16 men (c) 18 men (d) 13 men.

28. A man traveling in a train counts the number of telegraph poles, which are 50 meters apart from each other. If the train is moving with the speed of 48 km/hr, then the number of poles counted by him per minute is

(a) 16 poles (b) 50 poles (c) 18 poles (d) 13 poles.

29. A cistern is normally filled in 8 hours but it takes 2 hours longer to fill because of a leak in its bottom. If the cistern is full, the leak will empty it in:

(a) 16 hours (b) 40 hours (c) 25 hours (d) 20 hours

30. At present, Madhu is 15 years older than Kamal. After 5 years Kamal will be 10 years old. What is Madhu’s present age?

(a) 25 yrs (b) 10 yrs (c) 20 yrs (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

Answers :

1. b 6. c 11. a 16. b 21. a 26. a

2. b 7. a 12. a 17. c 22. d 27. b

3. c 8. d 13. b 18. d 23. e 28. a

4. b 9. b 14. c 19. b 24. d 29. b

5. a 10. a 15. a 20. b 25. c 30. c

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